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Why Vote? The proposed constitutional amendment to require voter ID's will reduce the number of voters by about 50,000 and was introducted by the Republicans to guarantee Republican Party victory in the Minneosta elections. The proposed constitutional ban on same-sex marriage has already been ruled in Federal Court in California as a violation of the federal constitution.

If the Republicans gain control of the presidency and the Congress in 2012, they may be able to appoint two more Scalias or Thomases to the Supreme Court and wipe out all social progress of the 20th Century.

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What is Marxism-Leninism?
In 1991, the German Communist Party published the work Downfall and Future of Socialism, by the Communist philosopher Heinz Heinz Holz. In the wake of the collapse of the socialist systems in the Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, Holz presented Ten Theses of Marxist-Leninist Theory, in which he restated what he regarded as the undistorted principles of Marxism-Leninism in the Leninist spirit. In 1992, the Marxist Educational Press published an English translation of this work. We present here Holz’s "Ten Theses of Marxist-Leninist Theory.

Ten Theses of Marxist Leninist Theory

For the full text of the Downfall and Future of Socialism, click here





Bring the troops home from Afghanistan

Join the antiwar vigil on the Lake Street Bridge every Wednesday 5 pm